Quite Weird Idea For A Film In Blender

(CubeFan973) #1

The idea is that the film is just a bunch of musical short films. The idea is that all these songs have Blender terms in them (i.e. stuff about renders, dupliverts, everything everyone’s played with). The title:


Quite stupid, but interesting. (PS: I am extremely untalented at writing poetry, so me writing a whole song of Blender would be quite weird and hard for me to write, as well as you to listen to the non-rhyming of.)

(harkyman) #2

Sing to the tune of the National Anthem of the United States (The Star Spangled Banner):

Oh say can you see
By the faked GI light
What both wireframe and shade
Hath so teasingly previewed.

Those procedural hues
Mixed of reds, greens and blues,
Render not what we hoped,
When at first they’re reviewed.

Then bump map we must
To make fake bark and rust!
And sing in loud Tons
“In Scanline We Trust!”;

And the hotkey-full Blender
In triumph shall be ba - aaaaaaack,
As the code of the Free
And the Best … (drum roll - big finish)
3D… (more - drrrrrrr-boom-boom-fireworks)
(More fireworks … Yay!)

Obviously, it’s bedtime.

(NateTG) #3

The music doesn’t have to be lyrical, does it? How about something like Disney’s Fantasia? A whole bunch of shorts to a bunch of instumentals. A group of artists could contribute their own made songs and a bunch of other artsist could do animation to them… ??

(snowy_duck) #4

the idea is good though i can’t animate cause i’m realy realy bad. but the ideas good anyways except 1 thing…the idea came from cubefan and ummmm it’s kinda a messed up idea now :wink:

(ray_theway) #5

Now that sounds like an idea! I’ve been working on a couple shorts kinda like that - short mostly plotless ideas revolving around some pieces of music. (Well, still working on the plot part, but…)

How bout a collection of shorts - finished off by a huge Broadway-style feature of harkyman’s anthem? :stuck_out_tongue:

(CubeFan973) #6

harkyman: You have got to get a life… oh, what am I saying? I don’t even know what a life is!

NateTG: I’d never thought of instrumentals. Go back and read what I wrote: “The idea is that all the songs have Blender terms in them.” Then again, you could always throw Blender terms onto things within the film (i.e. posters, shirts, etc.).

snowy_duck: Do you have something against me? Yes, the idea’s messed up, or rather, plotless. Then look at these three films: “Head” (it’s not that dirty; it’s rated G in the US), “Slacker” (and I don’t mean “Slackers,” I mean “Slacker,” 1991), and “And Now For Something Completely Different” (the best of Monty Python sketches from seasons 1-2). These films have no real plot: “Head” just jumps from one thing to another, “Slacker” jumps from one conversation to another, and “And Now For Something Completely Different” has animations between all these sketches. (This is an ex-parrot!) Sorry, but I just had to point out that this isn’t the first film to be virtually “plotless.”

Ray_Theway: There’s an idea for a quarter-plot. Wait for more ideas to the post, and then we’ll see if anybody’s thinking, “Wait, here’s a BETTER plot!”

(CubeFan973) #7

Is anybody thinking about this? Sorry, I just want more interest in this project.

PS: I’ve got WAY too many songs in my head to redo, most of which I actually like.

(Jamesk) #8

Harkyman: Dude, that’s the best version I’ve heard since… well, ever. It should be the national anthem of every country in the entire world.

Otherwise, sounds like more than a mouthfull (pun intended) of agonizing lip-syncing pain. The Fantasia idea sounds like something to go for. Just sync’em to the beat. I don’t think I’m good enough as far as character animation goes, but count me in if you need models, textures, light-rigs and music!

(Hexa-dB) #9

I have a few abandoned bits of music that I’m happy to donate if anyone’s interested :slight_smile:

(songs that I got a minute or so into then gave up on)

(CubeFan973) #10

JamesK and Hexa-db: That’d be good if you could donate music.

JamesK: Yeah, it would be one hard lip-sync… imagine lip-synching a film like “Final Fantasy…” that would suck. That’s one reason to use instrumentals, so it could be allowed, but the main idea is still to have songs about Blender features, or Blender history (I don’t know, just write a song about how you can’t wait for the open-source in November). If you don’t want to lip-sync, let someone else do it, have a stereo playing it, or just show some short without any explanation of why there’s music playing! Actually,

  1. More than one person would lipsync,
  2. You’d do only one song if you could avoid doing more, and
  3. You’d do it one song at a time. Or just do it in a piecemeal fashion.

PS: The idea of one huge film isn’t so great to me, so I’ve been thinking of making it something like an anthology of music videos on a website, and if enough people like them, we can create linking elements to link a redo of “When Worlds Collide” (hmm… “When Blends Append?” Hmm) to “Who Let The Dogs Out” (“Who Let The Dupliverts Out?” I don’t know, I was listening and trying to think of how you’d animate a bunch of dogs getting out, and Dupliverts just sounded good), or Sousa’s “Liberty March” (no lyrics) to “Get A Clue” (“Get A Cube”).