Quixel Bridge & Blender?

HI all,

Are there people using Quixel Bridge in combination with Blender?
If so, is there still a Blender exporter for Bridge? I know there’s Maya,Max,Unity, UE & Houdini now.

There is an old video showing a addon? for Blender 2.78 or so, but it’s over two years old.
I have quite a few assets, but no active subs, so I cannot test any exports from Bridge.
I can do it manually, but using the app is so much more convenient. :wink:


Ask them via dm on Facebook, they respond very quick. :slight_smile:

Blegh… Facebook… :frowning:
Useless piece of tech…

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not a fan either, in fact I am not even using it, but in this case it could have helped you within an hour.

but you can also use the contact form on their homepage:


I only fire up FB for a handful of dedicated groups, and not very often.

There’s a Quixel ‘app only’ subscription for $9/month that could be interesting enough to use, but for now I only was able to test Maya & Unity, and have no idea about the available exporters within Bridge.
It’s impossible to export when you’re not on a sub :frowning:

According to the reply on FB, there’s something coming:
“We have a 2.8 Integration for Blender coming in March, so stay tuned!”

If so, I might take their $9/month offer to just use the apps, as I already have more than enough models in the Bridge database to play with…

Sounds good :slight_smile:

Nice, nice, nice, :grinning:.