Quixel Bridge export to Blender 2.93

A few questions. I’m importing 3d assets from Quixel Bridge into Blender 2.93 and I’m getting this weird texture issue.
The first screenshot is using the Quixel Bridge to Blender export. The texture looks all messed up because it’s upside down! Is that an export setting in Bridge that I’m missing? Or one in Blender? All other 3d objects import fine for me. OBJ, SKP, FBX, etc

If I rotate the object 180 degrees on the Z axis, the texture goes from looking correct back to how the opposite side of the texture looks. My sun is above the 3d object and it looks the exact same whether using Cycles or Evee.

Any info would be appreciated!

The second screenshot is if I look underneath the object. The texture actually shows up correctly.

I tried to recalculate normals and recalculating them inside worked. Now the question is…is anybody else having the same problem? I don’t want to do this every single time I export from Bridge to Blender.