Quixel joins Epic Games!

This is huge news, Megascan is free for UE4 users and Mixer 2020 is coming out in a few weeks and its FREE also. Eat your heart out Adobe.


I see someone was faster than me. Indeed, having megascans in UE4 will be ridiculously amazing for building levels and worlds.


Nice! I really like Quixel Products and UE4.

Lol, I also came to post the same news. Absolutely amazing news for UE4 users, and somewhat satisfying to see Quixel nip in front of Adobe for what is surely a huge market for Substance Painter and Designer.

They are also refunding Megascans subscriptions for 2019 for all UE4 users. They are just being crazy generous and generating massive amounts of good will here.


good news, I like it

You should watch this vid announcement from Quixel.
Mixer 2020 is now a full 3D painter. For free. - Starting from 2:50 min


still looking for jaw somewhere on the floor…
This is indeed EPIC news

Revives unused Unreal account… :wink:


This is too good to be true, except it is true! I don’t even know what I am saying right now.

Epic Games very well spending those Fortnite money :sweat_smile:


Wow! Yeah, good news indeed. Is the Quixel_Mixer_2019.2.3_Beta.exe I just downloaded from Q free to use with no limitations?

Also, I do hope that Teddy especially, but also his guys, are now filthy rich. They have worked their asses off all these years. Nothing better than when really hard work pays off, and folks hit pay-dirt, big-time…

They are making Quixel Mixer and Bridge completely free… Incredible. They’re even introducing features to allow Substance Painter style painting. Will be switching over to Quixel asap.

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This is awesome news!
I hope “Complete” USD integration is Blender’s main objective for the next release.

This just gave me even greater strength and will to learn Blender<>Unreal workflow, lighting, world creation so on.


I like the subtle, indirect “fuck you” to Adobe, regarding Substance and how Mixer 2020 will work more like SP from 2020 onward. Can’t help but commend both Quixel and Epic for this. Opens up for more people to be able to afford great tools and assets for less.


This is really great news. Been looking forward to a Quixel Suite successor for a really long time.
And contrary to the allegorithmic acquisition, this one sounds really good to me, and I genuinely feel happy for the staff and customers of Quixel!


Epic has done great thing again, their stance is the most perfect as if you learn and or create free art then it is free and if you earn then Epic earns. This is best way to give everyone chance to try.


This is so good news. Datasmith to be included for free and megascans for free and then also mixer and bridge for free. Amazing! Christmas is early this year.


Been waiting so long to tell people about this! I don’t have a ton of time at the moment, but to keep things short: the UE integration is fantastic, and the new Mixer is an absolute powerhouse for artists.


Did you get it to work?
My installation is stuck on the splash screen every time I start it :frowning:

It is not entirely free…
It is free for Unreal users for non-commercial projects.
If you want to use the assets commercially or in another app, you still have to buy one of their subs. Legal wise that is.

But nonetheless, it’s a great thing, expecially Mixer for painting. This will hurt Adobe in the long run, as a lot of freelancers will move to a free Mixer that can do most of the same things.

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I thought the announcement said that the megascans would be free only for Unreal users while Mixer and Bridge would be freely available to anyone. Did they clarify this somewhere else to include the softwares too?