Quiz: Angles in a triangle

If you add all of the angles in a triangle, what do you get?

Answer must be in degrees, with accompanying text on why they say this is the answer (short answers are fine).

Answer can be a range.

Answer must be as complete as possible, without being pedantic.

A prize will be awarded to the first correct answer

Angles are all on the inside of a triangle.

C’mon maths bods, get your thinking caps on.

Questions about the question can be asked, and I will provide you with more info.


180 degree s because a perfect triangle has these angles : 60 60 60.

cant get it more perfect. but you get pretty weird triangles if you have more than 180 degrees in a triangle.

180 degrees, duh.

A and B are square matrices, non-triangural and non-null.

If AB = BA, how can you best describe A and B?


183 degrees.

i just tried it with my protractor and it tells me its 183 degrees every single time. so it must be right.

is that good? do i get a prize now?

Alltaken %| %|

prove: to calculate the surface of a triangle you use this formula: (height*base)/2. a square has four angles of 90 degrees. devide it by two and you have 180 degree. more prove can be nice :stuck_out_tongue: .

This is elementary geometry, get real.

lets do blender maths. (with x y and z). i think that is realy difficult. (i hope so because im doing a paper about it).

Lets see, two insults and no correct answers.

Quick replies, but all fail.

The correct answer is not 180 degrees, though this is part of the answer.

Hahaha, I am so smart, I am so smart, s m r t, I mean s m a r t.



Fine, Ill give you a clue.

You are thinking of an imaginary world. Use the real world to answer the question.


are you talking about triagles on spheres or something?


or for people that can’t follow links

Lets not go any further…


Should have known it was a trick question… no one is naive enough to think someone wouldn’t know 180 degrees are inside a triangle.

if its on a sphere it would be 270 degrees. ill grab some math books.

Don’t. Just read my post.

Unless triangle have a different definition, in which case it’s not a triangle.


Damn you theeth. The trick was non-euclidean geometry.

Ah well, Id better go and get you prize [sounds of car starting]

hmm. i have to ask a math teacher tomorow to see the real answer. i only can think of different dimensions (3d, 4d ect) where a triangle doesnt have to be flat.

/me shutting up and borowing a book from the school libery about more dimensions.

I’m not even sure if you could call a 3-gon in a non-euclidian space a triangle since it disproves the triangle postulate. Something to ponder about.

Talking about trick questions like that made me think of a rather stupid answer I once heard.

Q: How many quarters in a pizza?

A: Depends on how big the quarters are.

That was in secondairy 1 (approx 13 years old), answered by a blond (no, some don’t help their reputation).


mifune: Whatever the number of dimensions, if it is an euclidian space, the triangle postulate is true.

Could be proven through vectorial math, but it’s too much a botter (I’m at work after all).