Quote required for childrens education science animations

I’m updating a childrens’ educational science CD into a series of animated cartoons and online experiments.
We’ve got a prize winning writer working on the script and the storyboard is almost finished. We are also talking to the relevant engineering institution and a related company about support and sponsorship.
The output will be used for entertaining, web based teaching aids that cover the UKs national curriculum requirements. As such we have kept the requirements fairly simple and low time/cost although the aim is to make something good enough to work as a demo for TV quality distribution.

The stories are based around two electrons travelling around the electrical circuits of everyday items. Engineering topics form the background learning with the tribes of nuclear or coal generated electrons providing amusing stories that parallel our everyday lives. So very simple characters moving in wires and switches with the occasional speaker, motor or kettle etc.
We want to create one 2 minute episode now with a series of six altogether.
I’m currently looking for quotes against examples of similar work.

An introductory video and some of the old CD circuit simulations can be seen here

If you are interested then please pm or email me via the website. I will send more information and storyboard etc.

Gary Molton CEng
Engineering Adventures

I sent you a PM, but cannot seem to find an email on your website. In order to give a price quote I believe we would need some more information on the project, maybe the story board etc, to estimate the workload.

Best regards! Hope we can work together!

PM sent.


Thanks everyone. lots of great responses we are following up.