Quote required for room modeling and brand development


We’re seeking a quote for a project to render up a room (office space) with desk, chairs and brand aspects of the walls, blinds and space. Pretty simple render to provide a client with sufficient detail in making a decision around the use of a brand in an office space. This is a paid project.

We have a panaroma of the room - which provide sufficient details for the rooms to be modelled - it’s all flat walls. Branding will be supplied over the next 2 weeks in the form of .PNG files. We require

  1. initial model built
  2. wall teture mapping
  3. a number of rendered office scences
  4. all files from the project

This is a pretty simple blender project, but we’d like someone who has experience of UV Maps and using lighting to create semi realistic scenes and client presentations.

We need a rough quote in terms of time and cost.



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How realistic would you need it to be? I may be interested. Basically modeling, unwrapping and rendering. So the whole thing?

I’m interested.


How many rooms and how much furniture?

You can read this message on pastebin as well since all my formatting got stripped. http://pastebin.com/twm3AASq It’s hard to say precisely but since you asked for a rough quote I’d wagerModeling and unwrapping - a few hours, six maybe? Hard to say without knowing more about the projectTexturing, depends on what materials are involved, I’d assume wood, glass and a few other things like metal and plastic. My guess is 2-8 hours, mind you this is a (very) rough estimate, certain materials take longer to texture than othersA number of rendered scenes - what number would this be? I’d wager it’d take me 5-40 minutes to render one scene at 4xHD (varies from scene to scene of course, some scenes take longer than this estimate, architectural scenes usually don’t)Lighting would be the easy part and shouldn’t take long at allAll in all I’d wager that 10 scenes (assuming that they are all variations of the same room(s) and that each render takes exactly 30 minutes) I’d guess 24 or so hours, roughly at least.Or in terms of workdays, at 8 hours a day it’d take me 3 days to finish.My rates for architectural scenes haven’t been set, but since I have to actually survive (I can’t very well do 3D work if I starve to death :P) and I have some reasonably high living costs I’d say $20-60/h as a guess (probably around $30), to be honest I don’t know what the industry standard is but I’m sure we could come to some sort of an agreement, I’d really need more details to provide a more accurate quote.My “portfolio” can be found atCubeGod.DeviantART.combut I wouldn’t bother, I’m working on re-arranging it and it’s a bloody mess and it doesn’t have nearly anything up-to-date (it has a handful of test renders for a current project of mine but that’s the only reasonably up-to-date thing on there).

I sent a Private message. Hope to hear from you soon :slight_smile:

Is this project for game?
If so,you can see our cases here:http://game-silkroad.com/game_en/case.html

By the description I can make it in 3 to 5 days for 70€ a day. Here’s my CV http://www.linkedin.com/in/rogper