Quotes for a photorealistic 3D model of a two story 3 bed semi detached house

(Michael Ellison) #1

Hi, my name is Mick and I have a company called Ride Ireland Media, a client has asked for the below spec and I’m not sure if I will have the time to do it myself, so I would like to get some quotes.

I’m looking for quotes for a photorealistic 3d model of a two story 3 bed semi detached house with an external video pan and internal walk through, on both floors, with and without furniture.

The deadline is the end of February 2019, and if I find someone that I enjoy working with it could lead to regular work, with similar specs.

Thanks for reading

(alf0) #2

what excactly are you looking for ?

(Michael Ellison) #3

A photo realistic 3d model of a house, with a video panning around the outside and a video of a walkthrough the house

(alf0) #4

i am not sure about the video specially if should include textures
i am just good at modeling

(Michael Ellison) #5

I would really like someone who has already done this type of work, and could show me an example of it, thanks very much for answering.


(egonator) #6

I definitely can do the job, but for the estimate I would need at the least some reference pictures, otherwise the estimate would be very rough. You can check my work here: http://janegonpreiss.cz/portfolio_page/3d-references-pdf/

(Michael Ellison) #7

Here are some reference pics the full spec and finishes will be sent to me tomorrow, but it will be very close to this.

Best Regard

(Keegsdl) #8

Hello, I hope that I did not hop on this train too late.
I am an architectural visualization artist specializing in photo-realism.
You can see my business site here : https://keegsdl.wixsite.com/portfolio

I am highly efficient and well skilled.
I hope you consider me for the position.


(Elina Morris) #9


Wish you a great day ahead!

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Hello @Mick_Ellison ,

I sent you a message, please check your inbox.


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Message sent.