Qustion about the dvd human rigging from blender e-store


I’m going through the dvd human rigging that I have bought from blender e-store…And in part 01b where he strtas off after you made a simple rig.
In this parts he adds a cube and gets the ball inside the cube.
Then he select the ball and then the cube and types ctrl + p to set the mother- child relationship. When he does that there is only apearing one thing in the popup panel and that is object.

When I do the same I get to things…I get object and underneath I get object (keep transform)

What is the difference?

I put a screenshot in it…the first screenshot is from the dvd and the second from my blender…

and from my blender:

Anyone can help me out?

In your case they will be the same thing…


you have moved, rotated or scaled the child from it’s origonal transforms.