R-52 "Dragonfly" Gunship

Looking over the submissions here, this probably isn’t worthy of the “finished” title… I took a break from Blender for a few months, and I’m getting back into it. This took me about 2 hours. My work is almost always from my head without any planning, so my models can be a bit messy… I think it turned out decent though.

That is not bad at all, Zulthus! Pretty darn good if you began without even planning it out first.
It would be interesting to see some other views of it as well.

Maybe even apply some simple materials and lighting and see if you can’t show it off a little better. The model certainly deserves to be seen!

Here’s a sketchfab for a full view; https://sketchfab.com/show/gmnSKcBBAiAK8zza4wqAfjWvTsI

Thanks! Getting back into the swing of blender, hoping to make better things soon.