R-9 "atlas"

Day for modeling, and little time for post effect. :slight_smile:

How long did it take you to make that? That’s amazing! I love the colour scheme (maybe a little darker though), and the composition is simple. The modelling is great too. Solid work.
By the way, welcome to the forum.

A truly awesome image, JAROL! Your modelling and texturing are excellent, and I really like the lighting and compositing. A very good hero image of this character!

All the bits and pieces are great. How did you approach the texturing? A great introduction to the forum!

AMAZING!! This image caught my eye REAL fast! Such great modeling and lighting. Not only that, I love Portal! it looks just like the robot in the game, probably even better. Such inspiring work!!

Nice work my friend :smiley:


lovely!! i would love to see a timelapse :slight_smile:

Wow!!! Excellent presentation! :yes:
Always like seeing Portal related stuff!

Holy (bleep) that is awesome!

5* excellent result for oneDayWork

Cool robot, would love to see that thing moving :smiley:

AAah! I love this! Valve would be proud. :slight_smile:

splendid and that even for a day modeling! You most have more experience but i see its your first post here!

Great mood and love the texturing

Great job, I knew this would go to top row!


/ \ /
| ## | | ## |
| ## | | ## |
| ## | | ## |
_______/ _______/
______ =
/ \ =
…make a stinkin’ download link.

(The junk you just saw was a failure on making a sad face.)

PLease do not stand on the 500 hundred megawatt super colliding super button for longer than (Kzzsht)
I like it very much.
Edit: I just realized what was bugging me. the cubes are too small!


Lovely, would love to see this moving :smiley:

Incredible work! Your modeling is superb and your materials, lighting, and processing is top notch! I love Portal as well :smiley:

Awesome model. Looks badass.