R. Burke Modeling

Does anyone know where I might get a pdf copy of R. Burkes tutorial on precision modeling? None of the links I found will work and I believe it is a great tut.


One of These Might work.

But it looks like they all share the same link to the domain site.
Il post it if i find it.

No good I’m afraid. Thanks for trying. Anyone else?

I got it easy…


The problem is all the Url’s leads to the main site where the tutorial is.
So you are going to have to find an alternative site where they are hosting the same file, which i seem to not to find.

What are you talking about? the link I gaave opens up a pdf immediately?

Is it easy to open the page? Like Wentzel, I have the link but the site just won’t open

Tried it with Safari, Chrome and Firefox browsers. The last two return a Page not Found error

I can’t open it either

Are you guys in America?

so long as I don’t put a www before the address it works fine… else it brings up an error.

PM me and I’ll email it

Anyone there with the filing willing to email it to me?

like I said, if you send me a private message (or post if you’re not afraid of being found by bots) your email, I’ll send it to you.

I’ve sent you a PM with my email

the pdf opened and worked for me…are there any good videos and tutorials on this subject.

instead of left clicking on link to open it , did you try to right click on link and from context menu select “Save Link As”. Select your folder and it will instead download it, then you can open it.

These are great