R2-D2 vs. Yoda trailer

I’ve been working on this animation for a while, am pretty close to finishing now so I put together this little trailer.


That was pretty cool. I like the animation on the battle droid in particular.

Man, that is so cool.

Very nice weirdhat, The motion of both characters and camera make for a quality production.

:smiley: ROTFL :smiley:

Very nice :slight_smile:


excellent!! :smiley:
it would be great if you would do a whole “behind the scenes” kind of thing… that looked very funny.


LMAO!!! That is fantastic. Well done WeirdHat.

Maybe you could improve the lighting some, but that is all I can suggest right now.


Ye thats really good you said it was a trailer, in the real thing is it a behind the scenes or is it meant to be more real. If you know what i mean?

The behind the scenes thing is only in the trailer, sorry if it was misleading in any way. I figured the last shot made it pretty clear.

You really should do some more with your behind the scenes thing. It was hilarious. Seeing a cable holding Yoda up while a battle droid filmed the whole thing was really funny. :stuck_out_tongue:

I can’t wait to see the real thing!