R2D2: HDRI Test


The one on the left has HDRI, the one on the right just GI.

I wanted to test out the HDRI in Yafray for the first time, and just after I’d rendered this they release a blender release which I think allows you to add HDRI without editing the XML. Oh well. :slight_smile:

I was impressed with the realism HDRI produces, but not the render times or grain. Does anyone know how to lessen the grain effect? I used the best quality Skydome for this.

The body section is very nearly finished now, I’ll just be going onto his head next.

Comments appreciated. :smiley:

Nicely rendered and I love the detail you have in there.

As for the grain with HDRI, you can reduce it by rendering your image at 2-3 times the size you want your final image to be. Then, reduce it in PS or GIMP and the grain will be reduced significantly.

The only other way, that I have found, it to turn the AA and MiniAA Samples way up. But this makes for a very long render.


Thanks for the compliment! I’ve spent quite a while modelling this, I used photos of my R2D2 alarm clock as schematics! :smiley:

That’s what I thought with the grain, the preview has already been scaled down to 0.75 in GIMP, but I think about 0.3-0.4 would be needed to get the quality I want. I guess I’ll have to leave it on overnight for my final render. :-?

It’d be interesting to do a quality vs time comparison of more samples against simply scaling down larger images. I don’t have the processing power though. :smiley: The HDRI image there took about 3 hours at ~1000x1000.

Minor nit, the central can needs set smooth :wink:

:smiley: Thanks.

I work in stages though. It goes modelling->set camera angle->set everything smooth correctly->set up lighting->texture->render.

So I haven’t got to that stage yet. Thanks for the observation though. :wink:

Looking good, especially the hdri render. How’d you get those clean squared off insets, did you just use extrusion along normals?

Thanks. :smiley:

I didn’t use extrude along normals, just extruded the vertices on themselves (effectively just doubling points), then scaled them towards the centre of the object. Afterwards I had to move it up or down slightly, as otherwise it would be at an angle.

How do you extrude along normals?

Thanks for the reply, it’s remarkable you got such great detail in such a simple way. I tend to end up with things getting offset/tapered & not flush when detailing curved surfaces.

Start an extrusion operation on the face(s) you wish to extrude, right-click or press ESC then press Alt+S. It’s quite a wicked combo. :slight_smile:

Set smooth please.

I agree with the stuff above, the one on the left looks better.

Really nice modelling too, btw. It must have took a lot of time to get that much detail in there.

Have you tried AO in blender internal yet?

No, I’m still using 2.32. I’m going to wait till I’ve finished this until I download the new build, I’m sure Yafray’s GI looks better than the AO anyway, though the AO is probably a good comprimise between time and quality.