R2D2 Mateirals

R2D2 Model

Since i’m not all that good at cycles i was wondering if anyone would like to try and do better with the materials on my R2D2 model!
I’ve only been modeling for a year so the models not the best thing that you’ll ever see, but i think it’s good enough for now ^_^!

Great model!

Here’s a revamp on the nodes and lighting.

Cycles does better with mesh lights, which are just planes or circles with an emission material.

Your scale was huge, R2 was 15 meters high. Also apply the scale (ctrl-a)

R2 is a bit high poly, this slows blender down, and makes making changes difficult.

Scenes with a lot of glossy, reflective material look much better with environment lighting, because without the material is just reflecting pure grey. I’ve added a preview jpeg to keep file size down, you can get full hdri images here:

Anyways, good luck with him.