As its May the 4th I thought I would post my recently finished R2 model. Happy star wars day :slight_smile:

p.s. This is all blender/gimp and rendered with cycles.

Good stuff! Great job on the little guy!

Very nice!

Here are some test scenes featuring my R2: https://youtu.be/3rRoaL3MKF4 https://youtu.be/ZXeCre088Lg

So real and proportional.

Uploaded a low res pic by mistake, here is the full sized image.

My favorite character!! Very nice!!!

Wow!! Those videos are AWESOME!! There’s always room for improvement, but still… WOW! Nice job. In the first video it looks like he’s floating on air at times. I was under the impression that R2 has wheels that are relatively “stiff”. I wouldn’t think that there would be that much play in the suspension if there is any at all, but I’m sure someone will correct me on this. :wink:

Very nice! I love the shaders; they look stunning! :slight_smile: Great job!

That’s somethink cool :wink: great job

Good work. I think the eye piece might be a bit small though. I also remember the dome being brushed metal in the movies, so I would switch to an anisotropic shader for the dome. But that’s all just nit picking. Apart from that, a great model. I especially like the weathering you’ve put in.

Nice work… i mean really nice work :slight_smile: The materials are spot on. Did you use cycles for rendering ?

Thanks, the dome shader does have an anisotropic node which is more obvious in different lighting conditions. It shows up especially in the desert animation.

That first video is especially awesome! That’s one of the most photorealistic videos I’ve seen in Blender.

Amazing work!

Terrific job all around. The modeling, materials, and animation are all top notch.

Steve S

Thanks kamilmac, yes this is all done with cycles.

Star Wars Episode 4 came out when I was in college. At the time I was working part time as a projectionist. I got to show that movie nearly 300 times, I tell you this so you know I know R2D2 very well. That having been said, you did a great job on this render.

Another render of R2, 1000 samples.

Really fantastic R2 model looks pretty realistic.

Wondering a bit on how you did the materials. I’ve modeled a few droids as well and for mine I primarily had their texturing done through masking. So for example R2’s body would be a base white metal material and I’d use multiple texture masks to add in a layer of a dirt material on top of the white. Was wondering if you used a similar technique or if the dirt and grime was painted on in one texture?

I also must say I love the detail you put into him, I’m no expert in R2 but I’d say it looks pretty much like the real prop.

Took a look at the videos as well and I love the animations.