R3D MailBoxes

This is my last personal project that I made to improve my skills :slight_smile: (Kent trammell and 3d total tutorials)…:slight_smile:

some part of the project

This is the modeling of one of the mailboxes

Very good execution of this tutorial series.
Love all the extra detail you added in.

Tis is an excellent Work!

Can I see the node set up(s)?

Especially good. Love the thin packaged bills and textures.

Nice job! The atmosphere is really great. :slight_smile:

The texture, shading, and lighting work is superb, the small and more subtle details really bring it out as well.

Too bad it’s only a recreated tutorial scene though, though I guess now you would now how to make an original with the same kind of quality.

Mad good, it’s quite hard to find serious pro-level work around here. This satisfies well :smiley:
Maybe a tad bit of barrel lens distortion, but the rest is great. Especially textures!

It’s an amasing image.

If I had to find the weak link in it, it will definitly be in the bills stacks. The first and last ( from top to botom) are pretty good. Not the others, especialy the second one who realy show the edges of a textured paralelepiped.

That said, I wont dream to do somthing that good. Its so much work. O_o

The textures and the modeling are amazing. Yes I wanted to say it again. Amazing!

Good grief. The feelings of incompetence I’m feeling now… hahaha! So awesome dude!