R9 Fury Vastly Underperforming + No OpenCL with Catalyst Driver

Hello fellow Blender users,

I recently switched out my GTX 970 for an R9 Fury that I found on eBay, and I’m starting to worry I may have gotten a lemon of a graphics card. With the default Windows 10 drivers, it loads the render kernels every time I render, and the viewport render is significantly slower, and stutters a lot more, than my old 970. I have also noticed some general display issues (banding, for example) when watching videos. I have tried installing the AMD Catalyst drivers, but once I do so I can no longer get the card to appear on the openCL device list. This thing is a beast, I can literally feel the heat its generating even after undervolting.

Any potential solutions would be much appreciated. I’d rather not chuck this thing out the window just yet. Does anyone have experience with this sort of issue?