Rabbid Bwaaaday

First post in this section of the forum after many years of being a member.

My girlfriend really likes Rabbids so i decided to make her one for her birthday. I then printed it out onto a card.

It took about 8 hours to do all modeling and then pose it. I tried rigging it but it was giving me weird deformation issues at the seams due to incorrect weight painting. I need more practice with that but I’ll probably submit a rigged version at some point. It’s actually a REALLY low poly model that’s got 4 levels of smooth subdivision on it.

Critiques are welcome

I like the second one.

Looks cute :slight_smile: His paws look like a sock puppets 'tho. Love the teeth and eyes. Makes him look like he’s about to go on a killing spree :slight_smile:

Looks the same as the original, great job :slight_smile:

The second image is awesome…

Really cool and fun character, how was his eyes done? I love it!