Rabbit creature thing

There’s a short movie that me and a friend plan to shoot in the near future, and there’s a few shots that we plan to have a bunny-like creature in.

Obviously it needs some more work done on it, and I still have yet to learn how to animate it, but here’s how it looks so far.

Resolution = 1600 x 1200

The rough shape of the body and head are coming along. The ears and the feet need some work in regard to their general shape not being very rabbit-like.
Also, it looks like the body, head, and ears are seperate mesh. I recommend connecting those for texturing and animation purposes.

The body and head were done together. I made the ears separately and joined the objects together. I wish I knew how to make the ears and head connect smoothly.

select 2 or more verts, ‘w’ key and merge.

selected verts become one.

lindamus’ advice was decidedly vague. If you don’t know how to use merge properly you can get a mess of a mesh quickly.
DK, just because you have “joined” the objects does not mean that the mesh is connected. As for your connecting your mesh together, well read my signature below and we’ll go from there…

Here’s a couple in-Blender screenshots.


You are working with way too many polygons. You may find it easier to achieve a desired result through subsurfacing fewer polygons and adding detail where it is needed.

I agree with Waffler on this one.
Start with a simple mesh and add edge-loops where you need to have more detail. I recommend hanging on to this model to use as a reference, start a new model with a much more simple mesh. Here is a great video on modelling. The specific focus is for getting a product out quickly, so not all of it is going to be useful for your project, however, there are many tips on modelling that I have found very useful and I think will help you as well.
Check out Blender3d.org for more resources. Here is a direct link to other videos from the last Blender conference.
Hope this helps!
btw, I suggest starting this little fellow over because you are going to have a hard time keeping the mesh looking good and then have difficulty rigging and animating after that. You’ll save yourself a big headache if you start this over…