Rabbit Rigging Problems!

I have rigged the rabbit for the purpose of animating it, but I came across a few mesh problems when I tried to animate it.
Any help on how I can rig/model this better would be much appreciated.:slight_smile:



rabbit.blend (1.8 MB)

Nice and simple rigging that works well to a point. But to make a pose like this one, your rig has a problem:


Back leg IK will not let me bend the leg properly. I think you need a pelvis / torso controller bone so that you can rotate the whole body more easily.

Thanks for replying, I have setup a bone as a pelvis/torso controller bone, although when I tried to make the pose that is in your picture the back legs deformed horribly

What should I do?

It is probably weighing problem. But before you start tweaking, review your rigging. After all movements of body parts really follows the bone movements.

Here is my try. Lay the bone against real rabbit skeleton. Make sure all the hinge location is correct. In your case, itโ€™s the pelvis bone that is giving you the problem; pelvis is large single bone and rabbit back flexing happen from lumbar. Not from middle of pelvis. The thighbone is located to the side of pelvis with ball joint. Thigh rotates from there.


Only other thing is the addition of breastbone. Since a rabbit backbone really follows closely by the back, automatic weighing simply donโ€™t work too well. Chest and belly mesh gets weighed to arm and leg bones that are next to it. That is not what you want. Adding breastbone solves problem around the chest. Large pelvis bone will help for the belly.