rabbit's BWC entry

well, been expecting this year’s bwc
the whole picture will be focusing on a floating island with a inustrialized city growing on it
there’s only 1 bridge leading to it and you’re on it facing towards the island
so, after a few hours of modelling deleting and remodelling i got this
some buildings and the island itself

as always C&c more than welcome


a little update on the city


and another update, glad to see everyone’s thoughts on this wip:eek:
still got the bridge, trying to make some steampunk fighter planes coming out of the hangar


I’m fairly sure it’s too late, but I’d actually love to see timelapse footage of you modelling this…

That’s looking pretty sweet!

indeed, timelapse is a bit late
the island is just an extruded circle to give it the basic shape, then subdivide 3 ties and just sculpt
as for the buildings they’re just basic shapes extruded and duplicated resiezed, nothing special or fancy

Looking really nice. That hangar is huge relative to the city though, maybe you should have some larger ships coming out too to reinforce the scale, like a huge zeppelin or something.

indeed, what i have in mind is like a squad of steampunk-like fighters

got to work on the bridge and some fighter planes
thinkin about moving the one from the corner and just putting it in the far background in some sort of a formation


This looks awesome man. I will be keeping my eye on this one for sure.
I think that it would be cool if you could add sewage or something coming out of those pipes on the left side of the planet.
Good luck with the rest

Wow, That last shot is a dynamic pull you in shot, can’t wait to see this in color!

a little material test on the island


update on the bridge and the whole thing itself

now lighting the set with plane emitters with the background image of the sky


hmm the material test above looks waaaay more focused than the mockup with the red sky. The straight bridge works better for me as a hint of technology. There seems to be no modelling light wrapping around the island anymore too, which seems out of place with such a dramatic sky behind.

The timelapse, maybe you could deconstruct it then play the timelapse backwards? haha

thnx for the c&c
i’m remaking the bridge right now, a bit cooler in my oppinion
also, it’s fuzzy because it only baked for 15 min so…
and the lighting is such because i removed the sun, i’ll try to add shadows, get a way around it:D

W00t!Awesome work man!

thnx clewer, i love your project as well, great sense for detail:yes:

update, more material tests
AND the final bridge, no more messing with it i think:D


Ooh, the bridge is a real nice touch :slight_smile: keep it up

woah! how’d you do the clouds?
did you paint them?