rabbits v ufo's

A composite of two renders of mine. I struggled to find a way of getting an opaque transparency but in the end resorted to post pro.


Wouldn’t SSS be good for that?

Nice render anyway. :slight_smile:

Very cute work. I like…

I’ve seen a few of your works while lurking around here in the past, I’ve always admired your style. This image is no exception.

Keep it up! :smiley:


well i couldn’t find a way to make sss show trasparency, is there a setting for that?

I think the only way to get that effect is by setting up the backweight slider large enough and placing a lamp direclty behind the character. But I doubt that you will get the same result as in your image as the SSS is applied uniform so you either would have to reshape the critters to give that effect or use some node magic.

You might be able to combine both SSS and blured transparency with nodes?

Nice image btw I love your style.

This is why I love browsing the finished projects section of this forum. This would make a sweet desktop background. It’s stylish, original, and I can’t find a thing wrong with it. Then again, there’s nothing to really compare it to…which makes it even more awesome.

Awesome work. I really like it. Anyway I could press you for a 1920x1200 version for use as wallpaper? :smiley:

Cute :slight_smile: I want to hug them :smiley:

cheers for the comments guys, and for the sss suggestions will try them out.

I actually decided I would like to do more with this image so hopefully a large version will be available soon.



Glass bunnys?

Buzz look it’s an alien!!!

Very nice style!! Great Modeling and Render.