Race bike + BLEND file !

Hello !

Here is one of my latest work. this was a simple modeling exercice:


You can get the blend file HERE


That’s neat!

Very clean!

wow, thanks for sharing.
here is my render, under your name.

Thank you for the comments !

Hey cool man ! I love the point of view of the 2nd render

You can try to paint a texture on the frame. I have unwrapped it. you just have to enter the texture painting mode :wink:

Please have a look at a real wheel with spokes.
It looks like you forgot the spokes for the opposite torque direction.

good point, but it is a finished project so…

still very good job

Not bad! Did you use 3ds Max or Zbrush for this?

Your work looks great, here are my two renders of the bike provided:


Done with Luxrender 6RC5 58 minutes

and using the LuxRender GUI to add bloom and glare, etc.


it does look awesome.

Nice job and thanks for sharing!!! I’m a cyclist and for this being a simple exercise, I must say it’s pretty good. A few details are not quite right, but nothing major. Good Job!!

endi: noooo ! only blender :wink:

voc007: nice renders, thanks for sharing them ! I would just reduce a little bit the amount of glare on the 2nd picture. maybe, try to increase the threshold too.

alex_m: thank you !

revolt_randy: nice to have a comment from a cyclist. I thing you have noticed that the derailleur has a lot of errors.
what is important on this model is the frame, because I use it to preview and test different painting on it.