race of doom

hey im making a video for an art contest about robots who kill people and stuff
the movie will be done in gray scale and will have stratic colored light for computer displays and lasers and stuff
anyhow i want the robots to be as disturbing as possible so im working on a real stomach turning walk cycle. i got some really good noises for it to make already, real creepy, it just hits that cord you know?.
anyway here is a pic of my mechanical monster on the great flying highway of the popular german video game, “resident evil cart triple dash”
any suggestions on how to make it look or act more disturbing would be greatly appreciated. thanx


Being able to see it would be nice. It’s too dark.

aww… the lights and legs moving through the darkness was all part of my dramitic effect…:frowning:
it like watching fireworks on a bright sunny day but,… here it is


Well actually it was more like looking at a black mechanical thing on a black night.:stuck_out_tongue:
It’s still hard to judge the model because there is no reflectivity, but if your going for a silhouette look, the model looks good.

silhouette is exactly what i want, the lights just let you know its there and has some depth. thats the whole effect i want, you dont exactly know what it is or what it can do to you, but you know it there, and whatever it will do to you is bad, and its coming after you… thats the scariest thing i could think of machine doing anyway.
but i want to make it more disturbing, im not making a scary movie, but i need this to be somthing that upsets you to look at.
lighting effects, modeling tips, or anything at all will really help

well it cool atm but maybe we could get the idea of disturbance that you want if you showed us the creepy walk cycle you talked about in the beggining

lol looks cool

i would but im rendering it as we speak, and i dont know how to put videos on you tube yet.
i think this makes it far more disturbing, but maybe a little too much:)
(any help is still greatly appreciated)


now i can see it more clearly thats some good stuff right htere

if you put George W bush’s head inside that red light thing and put a draft proposal to the senate in one of its hands i think people would sh!t themselves

they wouldnt be crapping themselves over the thing theyd be crapping themselves overs bushes ugly face

tru tru lol… i think its even more scary with the “power” behind it, but that soon will end (THANK GOD)

about the model… i was just lookin at it and thought; it looks like a maggot with legs maggots arent scary, unless its on the last of your food

maggots are to scary more like gross

yeah, i sorta thought so too, but maggots disturb me when there is alot of them, just they way they all wiggle around thy’re nasty. should i make the body longer?

you should curve the body more make it look more like a scorpion

i want to know how it attacks… the four legs seem like they would be needed to stabalize the body… id ad some extra arms with pinchers or something on em to attack with

well take a look at thoose small series of drills, needles, and probes the front, and the large series in the back.
in the future there was a medical/surgical robot design meant to help stablize wounded troops on the battlefield and perform small simple “on the spot” surgeries.
however this robot design was captured by the antagonist of my story. it was enlarged and now is used as a biological harvesting device. real nasty stuff it is.
smaller versions are used for “interrogation” and other twisted things, thats why i need it to be disturbing. its not suppose to be imensly powerful, its just somthing you dont want to run into.

Couold you imagine it crawling up inside your skin drilling into your brain scanning info then zapping you from the inside killing you

but what if they became AI and turned against you

You need to add more joints to the legs and body. Not onlt will this make it look more organic and creepy, but it will also do this without sacrificing some of the disturbing sharp angles.