race of doom

yes, i need to better manage my time though, im havin to use three computers to do what all i want to do.
im making a game
a movie
an ad
and homerwork assignment
all in blender at the same time:spin:

dang your busy

thats not all either! thats just with blender!
i also have to:
teach my NJROTC platoon how to march and drill properly
manage the funds in my school’s fire fighting club
learn a whole mess of fire fighting drills for a competion
study for my end of marking period tests
help fix all the rifles in the armory
help organize the armory
go help at an orphange
raise 1500$ for a trip to new york
practice my shooting
and bake a cake with some girl (i promised her i would do it, and you just dont want to say no to a chick that hot)
but luckly i have the next two weeks to do all this and i have plenty of time to post here inbetween.