Race Track modeling

Hello I’m making a race track for a game called assetto corsa. I’m a complete beginner at blender and this is my first track. There is just a few very basic tutorials on creating a simple track. What I need to know is how to make a pit lane that is connected to a road that has both elevation change and banking and it must be perfect and smooth.

Thanks to anyone who helps me!

you can use vector curves to lay it out, but you should turn the resolution way down, because that is way more faces than you need for a game. do what you can with curves, then convert it to mesh, and model the pit area by hand. it’s not so much work. i promise.
(edit) to get smooth mesh curves, though, don’t go vertex by vertex. instead add a circle in edit mode, and use constrained scaling on it to get the right curvature, and delete the bits you don’t need.

You have too many vertices on that track, use curves like Modron said.
To make a track, model it separately on another layer and make the track and pit both active layers. From experience, it’s not a good idea to make the track and pit connected, trust me.
For texturing, just make the indv objects separate and texture everything that needs one texture, or just unwrap everything