Racer and the F1 chalenge hmmmmm?

Saw a link for Racer posted in “other software”, and was thinking as there is an exporter for Blender, the F1 chalenge could move up a gear and become not just a build chalenge but a real race chalenge! :smiley: a blender race track could be built, of course there would have to be the ability to play online, which I think there is?

Racer : http://www.racer.nl/

Exproter info : http://www.io.com/~brentb/racer/

What do you think


they would need to be low poly and stuff.

na i don’t like it much.

although i like the idea of having the cas exported, i don’t like the idea of it becoming part of the F1 challenge.


It sounds like a neat idea, but this would be a completely different type of contest. The F1 contest, as it is right now, is a test of artistc ability.

I assume you mean the race would be only part of the contest, because
if it were the only thing that mattered, then a skillfully created masterpiece could be defeted by a cube.

In any case, in the F1 contest it would severly limmit the creativity of the artist. The models, which now vary widely in size, form, amount of detail, and have their own uniqe backgrounds, would have to conform to fit within the parameters of the video game. In other words be low poly, similar in size, and run on a track.

Your idea would work better as a different contest all together, in which artistic ability could still be a factor, but not the determining one.