racing/driving game help

hi there,

i am currently working on a racing/driving game and was wondering how to add the aspect of

damage into my game. not just a bar showing how much damage but debree and bumpers hanging off and doors not aligned in thier frames, so on so forth.

if anyone knows of a detailed tutorial that a sort of begginer could understand could you please direct me to it.

or just pm me or post on this thread of any techniches

thanks all.

I have absoulutely no experience about the bge (well kinda), but i instantaniously decided i’ve got a novel idea.
what if every body panel (hood,door etc) is a mesh on it’s own. On the event/sensor that its hit then the reaction/controller replaces that mesh with a beat up version of the mesh via the edit mesh-replace mesh controller.

A second way is using shape keys. this will probably be alot easier. and same as before except this time wount have to bother creating extra meshes. instead you’ll just trigger shape keys that will damage the body panels!

As I said I have no experience and havent tried these out, but hey just ideas.

hitechboy722, you’ve “instantanious good ideas”! :slight_smile:
Probably the first one is easier?!
There’s a vehicle wrapper tut there

I know gta’s cars use first hitechboy772’s method. I agree with oto.

thanks all, especially hitechboy722 - great ideas

unfortunatly i have had no experience with shape keys and dont no how to use them at all.

i will try the first method but would still be interested if anyone could tell me about shape keys…

hello again, I cant seem to get the “Replace mesh” acuator to work

any tips??

It’s the “mesh” that you replace, not the “object”, so you must enter the “mesh” name (ME)

lol oops slipped my mind

thanks again

what would i use for the sensor??

Can’t you just rig each piece of the car and have a collision sensor for an ipo of the part wrinkling up?

i would but each part touches the other so how can i make it only register the collision with objects i say, like a wall for instance??

I like the way you guys talk in here.
I think reading this thread will help me to figure out how logics works.

Andrew, i can’t help you right now in your logics issues cause thats not my ground, but i can help you to model/texture in your project if you want.
If you like the idea, just send me pictures of what you want to be made.
My dragster a made based on a picture from google.

B3, i’ll take a good look in the vehicle wrapper tut!