Racing Game AI

I’m starting this thread to discuss racing ai.

This is a tutorial for creating racing AI.
Is Blender capable to achieve this quality?
I know that to create such AI i need to use python etc. But i want to know is it possible in python?

It seems like the video covers many main point in developing racing AI. As I have experienced, python is capable of many incredible things, and as long as you understand the different concepts the video lists as components to racing AI, you could find a way to do it. It may require some decent knowledge of advanced python coding depending on how advanced (or “smart”) you want the AI to be, so increasing your python knowledge base would help tremendously. Also if it would help, look up some videos of other Blender user’s racing AI. Here is an example of simple racing AI:

I hope this post helps. Go morale! (^.^)/

Typically AI is meant as behavior without user input.

The BGE provides powerful options to describe any behavior you like. So yes the BGE will allow you that.

There are things that are not easy or not efficient, but usually there are different ways to meat your goals.

Python can easily do racing AI - the real question is what racing game do you want? Mario Kart, WipeOut, pure car racing etc?

Pure car racing.

The goal is to create AI like in this tutorial, so I will have to create 3 modules.
One for steering, second for colision avoidance and the third for overteaking. They should override each other in specified situations.