Racing Game feature

Hey guys, I have a question. If you guys were going to play a car racing game, would you rather prefer to have a game which allows you to design your own car, or choose from an array of awesomely designed vehicles? Can you also please explain your reason? Thanks.:yes:

I did the first one becuase it give the user more control over what they want.

what racing game are you working on?(I assume that’s what you are doing)

It’d be neat if I could design my own vehicle in every game I play, making it yourself is just funner, but maybe you should have some preset cars for people who don’t feel like making their own if you are making a game.

I like the game in which you start from small and than improve yourself. So I would go with the first one that is I will love to design my own car. This means when I win the race or so some kind of parts will get unlocked and I can buy them accordingly. This makes game more fun and looks like yes you are doing something. :slight_smile:

But if you just game some cars to player and tell them to play it feels for me quite less, but yes such games are also good and nice I did love this kind of game too. :slight_smile:

I never say bad to any game because I know how much it need the hard work to make a game, so for me everything is nice and good. At last the design of my own car games excited me more than just selecting from some given cars.
Hope this helps, if you have any other question you can send PM to me, I have played lots of games of all kind. :smiley:

Thanks in advanced. :smiley:

Those 2 are actually not mutually exclusive.

But I prefer car selection for a couple of reasons.

As a developer:
Most control of aesthetics
Easy to balance
Easy to manage

As a player:
No ruined aestethics and floating dick cars with hats
Easier to get into the game, you don’t have to design a car before you can race, and what if the car sucks in the end?

If customisability does not impact actual gameplay, it should be considered a seperate, less important part of the game that can be added later.

The game is preliminary, but I would like to design a racing game which is adventurous, competitive, and of course, enjoyable. Really, I want to create a racing game that is more of a “karting game,” although I do not want to necessarily copy Mario Kart. I want to build off of “karting games” concepts and add special features and abilities into the game.

@@blazeman1029, can I suggest that you check out the SuperTuxKart project? it’s sounds like the type of game you want to make, and it is already existing and flourishing with a really friendly comunity and developers.
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