Racing Game Help.

Hey Blender artists and Game Devs, i am currently in progress of making a blender racing game. It involves hover vehicles, but i encountered a problem i cant seem to figure out how to get the models to float at a certain height. Can anyone help me with this problem i am having?

No problem- you have several choices:

1: Have the model parented to an object in contact with the ground that is invisible

2: Use material physics (in the material panel)

3: Use a distance constraint

4: Use servo motion with the axis disabled

5: Have an upward 9.8 z force on a dynamic object

Using my impressive telepathic powers, I imagine you would like to race inverted too (i.e. loops etc?) If so, this blend will help. It uses a distance constraint plus servo motion to hover.

I’ve been making a hover racing game (sort of like Wipeout) for a while too, so good luck with your game!

Hope it helps, any questions just ask



EDIT: to make the arrow object move, press the UP cursor

And where are my manners? Welcome to Blender Artists!


defy_gravity_logic.blend (460 KB)

My solution to this was to write a custom script that simulated hover pads:
I believe the strength of repulsion was linked to the cubed distance away from it’s normal hover height. SO it still sucked it back down, and had a nice springiness to it.

I’ll see if I can dig up the file later today.

Ah, I just remembered, check out martinsh racing game too: