racing game map question

i uploaded a blend file that includes two cameras (carcamera and mapcamera) they are parented a cube (car thing). Like racing game.

Car camera has a plane for showing map.

My question: How can i show mapcamera’s view on to the plane.

i saw viewports tutorial. Is there a different easy way like it ?


denehari.blend (183 KB)

Hi cihanahitabe,

Have you considered creating the mini map in an overlay scene?


i understood but for example i made map overlay scene and i saw that at the main game scene. How i can locate the map same time with car?

Hi cihanahitabe,

Here is a quick and dirty example of a minimap using an overlay scene.

denehari-miniMap.blend (39.2 KB)

I added a 2nd scene named MiniMap to be used as the Overlay Scene.
Map is screen shot of the main scene that was UV mapped to a plane in the overlay scene.
Car is linked from main scene to overlay scene.


using this tutorial

I have done this. two cameras 1 scene.


denehari-miniMap-fisicomolon mod.blend (158 KB)

thanks cthames,
overlay scene good idea but i cant make full copy (car and its controls) to overlay scene because im using your vehicle tutorial.

i want the car icon will not move and the map will move like gta or nfs.

thanks fisicomolon,
viewports is very nice when i move the topcamera up to the car and parent it to car. But car camera viewport must be full screen and it must be at back side of the map viewport. And map viewport must be small square at left-down of the screen.


Maybe you can use the render to texture feature from videotexture player, and make it 50% transparent. I don’t know how to do it, not even if it is possible.

Good luck

VideoTexture is the only way to do it if you don’t want to use two cameras in the one scene

Hi cihanahitabe,

In the first blend, I used linked objects for the mini map because it doesn’t use python. I don’t think it’s the best way but I do think it’s the easiest to understand.

Below is a blend that uses 3 small python scripts. Rotating map. Icon for car.

denehari-miniMap-rotate-new.blend (45.8 KB)

New blend. This one, map moves/rotates and icon doesn’t.

I have a question. I know how to attach blends but how do you get it to say Attached File. File Type blend?


thanks cthames
This is vey good example. i think it will work with vehicle tutorial example clearly. But if i have big map, this overlay scene will be very big at game screen. How can i show it inside a square or a circle.

And your question: after the clicking go advanced button, click attachments button and window will open. at window, choose a blend file and upload. Then close window. You will see the attached file at down to the page. This is way how im doing it.

And i saw the video texture player thread but i didnt see any example like this.

Hi cihanahitabe,

From the first post, I know you don’t want to use Viewports for your mini map but like fisicomolon pointed out, it’s probably the best way to go for what you want.

I don’t know of an easy way to show just part of the map in an overlay scene.

However, it is easy to do with viewports.

Here’s a blend. The map and map camera are under the track. I used the track you posted last week and the car from my tutorial.

yolgibi_miniMap.blend (387 KB)


This example is very good but when the car flip, the map flipping.

and how can i take the map to 1 cm right and 1 cm up.

Thank you again.

it is only details, you should try to understand the methods that we are showing you. I’m sure you can make the map not to flip, and put it exactly where you want.

Don’t wait to somebody makes all the work for you.

Keep blending

Hi cihanahitabe,

I fixed the map flipping by using an orientation constraint on the car icon. You can change the location of mini map by changing the size and position of the viewport in I also rotated the map camera 90 degrees so the car icon points in the direction the car is moving.

yolgibi_miniMap_new.blend (388 KB)


Thank you cthames