Racing Game


For some time ago i’m working on a racing track for a game.
Here is some previev
Sorry for quality but i couldn’t get more from my computer.
What do you think about it?
(Car is not mine, and really i don’t know who made it, i’ve just puted better rims to it:))

Hi araagon,

Excellent job. I really like the track layout and environment.

The track layout is great! I like the way it blends in with the hills, so good job on that one :slight_smile:

I do think that you need to use better textures, especially for the tree’s. Take a look at the tree’s in Gran Tursimo 5, those are kinda the same, but done better. :wink:
The handling of the car should also be better for a race game.

But it’s a good start! :slight_smile:

Not bad, though a couple things seemed odd to me-the tires were way too grippy; the car didn’t skid at all. At those speeds it should have been sliding all over the place. And when the car hit a wall at one point it didn’t bounce or slide at all, it just stopped dead. Other than that, it looked fine.

No stary widzę, że nie próżnujesz :slight_smile: Ładnie to wygląda, a co z Viperem? Robisz obie gierki na raz? 8)

To w ramach wypoczynku od science fiction:)
Na razie w zawieszeniu jest Viper, na pewno pociągnę go dalej. Ale mysle o pożądnym FPS na wzór filmu Van Helsing.

This is done just to rest from science fiction.
Viper game is waiting for my free time. But now i’m thinking about an FPS game on the base of Van Helsing movie.

To grooobo :slight_smile:

I present a 2.57 version of my demo racing game.
Thanks to Mike Pan scripts I was able to transfer from 2.49 to 2.57.

Here you can see a previev:

ps. there is some bug, if you want to drive you must first push down arrow then it goes well.