Racing Game

SuperTuxKart is a free kart racing game with a long history. We have several core programmers, who want to bring more life to the game and that’s why we’re reaching out to the Blender community. Without Blender our game wouldn’t be possible, as Blender is our one stop asset creation pipeline.

STK is already available for Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Solaris and various BSD distributions. Who knows what the future holds :wink: Please download the game and give us feedback on our forums.

We are seeking animators, modelers, level designers and texture artists to bring this game and its characters (including Suzanne, Blender’s Mascot) to life. You can work in Blender and simply export using our custom python scripts.
Here are all our tutorials:
Making Karts and Characters
Making Tracks
Style Guidelines

All of our art assets are licensedunder permissive licenses, so as long as you double check the read-me file to see what the asset is licensed under, we encourage you’re free to use our models to make your game or use them as standin during the prototype phase. I am working on getting our assets onto Blendswap, but I have to hear back from the administrators. This also means that any assets created for STK can be used by other projects, as well. [INDENT=6]

STK is currently in the running (after 12 years of development :)) to be Sourceforge’s March project of the month. If you like the game, please vote for us here. It’s a great opportunity for STK to attract new developers and reach new audiences.

Here’s a trailer for the game. If you go to youtube you can watch in high definition.

This image is from a WIP track “Planetarium”. It’s an experiment with a real time volumetric nebula based on multiple billboards.

Thanks for your time.

While, it seems to be a clone of mario Kart or a open version of it, I really like it! the graphics are nothing to hipe about but the gameplay looks fun, overall it looks very polished and stable. It actually looks really fun!

I think if you updated the graphics, and maybe made something to distinguish it from mario kart it would be really good.

I am very interested in this. D you have rules for the levels?

sweeet nice work

Thanks for the kind words everyone. As a recent part of the team, I can attest that it is really fun (which is why I joined). I encourage you all to play it. Here’s some more work in progress images. You can see that the characters can wear custom hats as well as some pretty effects on the new planetarium level. Version 0.8.1 should have support for wiimotes (you can try it out now if you build from the latest svn trunk).

You should read through the trackmakers guide which is in the first post. There are general rules, but usually no absolutes. Currently there are two styles of maps; races and battles. Races are loops around the same area and battles are open areas where the objective is to attack your opponent. Our main devs want to see some levels incorporate newer features like the cannon (which shoots players across the level, avoiding boring uphill sections) and trampolines.

I would like to see a level that is from point A to point B, instead of laps. This could be a hectic race down an erupting mountain. Our main developer has the attitude that if people make things first, he’ll do the necessary coding.

where can i try this game out?

Locks rly awsome!

Sorry, I edited the first post and it contained a lot of useful information. Waiting to have it approved. Here is the homepage and go to the download section.

I am a modeller and also learning GLSL programming !I always wanted to make a racing game ! The game looks good BTW .

We’d love to have you join. Can I see some of your work?

Sorry for the delayed response. That’s really good isyedcg. You should definitely start experimenting with STK. Also the vote is still going and we’re down, but not out. So please vote for us here.