racing girl

Here is a wip that i’ve started 5 months ago :rolleyes:, and now i’ve decide to finish it…:stuck_out_tongue:

To be continued…

nice, maybe you should use more hardness or something in your material. she kind of looks plastic in my opinion. unless thats how you want her to look.

A little update :

Tase: screw The_Warder…
Go back to plastic, that was really nice.
I remember the wip and it turned out nicely, but maybe you could change the glasses.
This model could use some of those very expressive Manga eyes.

Why not ? I gonna try :stuck_out_tongue:

But, for the moment a little update

hahah nice!

A lighting test :

wow. That looks sweet. VERY nice render.

yeah, that’s a really nice render, indeed.

Whould you tell/show render settings and lighting setup please?

Whith pleasure :slight_smile:
AO -> 16
Yafray -> Use Blender AO
1 Aere Lamp ->power 10
Radiosity 0.5
AA 10/10
Render-> 8h26 minutes :rolleyes: