Racing track based on a real rally stage (Barum Rally Zlín - Super Special Stage)

I would like to introduce you my long term free-time project - a game-ready racing city track based on a real rally stage situated in the city of Zlin, Czech Republic (Barum Rally Zlin Super Special Stage).

My goal is to make as accurate replica as possible but still try to achieve good performance in the game engine.
The track is going to be a tribute to a rally simulator called Richard Burns Rally and the amazingly creative community around the game. But because of the engine is more than 13 years old, I am forced to keep back in many areas - the track must be as low-poly as possible and I can’t use any modern goodies like texture blending, specular / normal maps, animations etc. The only “extra feature” supported (but VERY handy one!) is vertex colors (which is not supported in modern games like Assetto Corsa paradoxically).

All the textures and models are custom made by myself. I live in that city so it makes it easy for me to shoot pics for the textures. Also I have managed to rip a 3D model of the city from Google Earth / domestic mapping service so I can use it as a reference - it helps me to match vertical dimensions especially (buildings height, road elevation etc).

The development can be divided into these steps:

  • I have deciced to start with roads because it needs to be the most detailed / accurate - that is already done (24 intersections! -
  • The next step is to fill close surroundings of the track and model basic geometry of buildings so I can align the surroundings to them accurately. This is the current state I am working on and around a half is done. Then I will continue with…
  • Modeling & texturing close (detailed) buildings.
  • Adding objects like benches, bus stops, lamps etc.
  • Vegetation
  • Further low-detailed scenery / billboard buildings…
  • Rally track objects - spectators, safety tapes, barriers…
  • Vertex coloring
  • In-editor physics settings, testing / debugging
  • Night version
  • Assetto Corsa / rFactor export

The current polygon count is 24 700 / 44 710 tris, whole model uses 57 dds textures (several 4K atlases + many tileable patterns, 90MB in overall). I keep the source textures in my camera original resolution for future exports / other projects.
After the track is done, the driveable surface will be duplicated, subdivided & fine-tuned to create separated mesh used for in-game physics.

So thats the description and I hope you like my work :slight_smile:
If you are interested to watch the progress, you are welcome to join my FB page (in Czech language) or you can check the project’s homepage on

I hope you enjoy creating with Blender like me! :yes:

Nice work. It’s cool to put so many real world details in there.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Cool project! Hope you will post some ingame videos with the track! :slight_smile:

Really nice project, thank you… tutorial or makingof will be great.
Are your road/streets all flat on the Z axis or do they have elevations?

It is already elevated to match the real terrain as you can see here:

maraCZ: I will make another test in RBR soon (to check everything works ok), the export process will be streamed live on the project’s FB page :slight_smile:

There is some older screenshot from an ingame test:

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excelent… I found your timelapse workflow, great. Is your texture or assets avaliable for public or for sale? I would like to try your workflow on some archviz project.

simply awesome

Really nice work, modeling madness. :wink: - In your timelapse of creating an intersection, you showed for a few seconds a photogrammetry based Model (i think it’s from Google). Can you tell us how you grabbed that and imported it into Blender?

Keep it up.

I didnt notice the last question, sorry.
Just take screenshots all around like with a real object and generate the model in some photogrammetry app :wink: