just a quick project I did…I used sss and some slight reflections ( for some reason sss exagerates reflections) for the textures…rendered in BI. What do you guys think?

Alls ahm sayin is…

why they gotta be gangin up on buttery whitey. JK

I think a better title would be Xeno Phobia.:yes:

LOL…say any critique on the actual composition?

I didn’t knew that suzane could express a message like this. I love this picture!

There’s a white sheep in the family :^)

Like it.

Reminds me my life! :wink:
Nice work!

Dang. Too bad it’s suzanne.

Technically, looks great. Cool effects with lighting etc. Artistically… well, it’s suzanne. (Although I do like how they’re all facing in towards the centre.)

For a second there I thought that said WIFE.

I like the blur effect used in the top third. Nicely done.
Do fix up the floor plz. The texture looks ok…but it looks more like a picture of a nice wooden floor…not an actual wooden floor. Specifically fixing up the gaps in the fllorring (which is where i think the majority of my crit lies) would probably fix the entire thing up in my opinion. Right now it looks more like grout…which doesn’t go with wooden flooring to well.

Nice one :slight_smile: Love the textures & compo.

thx for all the comments guys…I don’t know if I’m going to do a rerender or not…just because it was a test on using hdrs in blender and using the defocus node.
oh and house arrest…the reason it looks like that is because i need to make the normal map stronger and add some slight specularity.

With BI, this render sure stands out. Fantastic! :smiley:

does look good, nice textures & lighting.
I don’t like the title though.
it’s such a dirty word.

Other Titles:

Albino Monkey

or the Black Monkey (instead of the Blue Moon from the Police Academy movies)

That looks coo. How many lamps/what kind are there? I’m trying to understand
lighting better.

Ah. I just downed a cherry smoothy at schuler’s bookstore, while reading a copy
of The Essential Blender and this dang dog hair is still stuck in the back of my throat.

The boards look tiny… or those heads are huge…

I do like the material. Looks nice.

its lit by ao…lamps on only shadow for shadow.
the material is shiny sss

WIth the slight exception of the use of Suzzanne(even cubes with faces would’ve been a bit better), very cool. The realisticity is very nice, though Softer shadows would look better in my opinion.

I like it except for the fact you just used Suzanne, you could’ve made your own head of some sort.

CD > except I’m bad at modelling :stuck_out_tongue: