Well then learn how to model, I have to say, Suzanne is the biggest source of unorigionality among Blender users anywhere.

I really like the composition. At first i think you used Indigo or something similar. But BI!!! Looks realistic.
I agree, you can rerender thee scene exactly the same except suzanne… i don’t know what, but i imagine some sort of very simple geometric characters, something like this


u mean everywhere?

Nice :open_mouth: :smiley:
How long it took to render?

like 20-30 minutes

Looks good. I think that the floor could use a bump map. If your DOF is going to be that short I would enlarge the planks on the floor as well. They just don’t seem to fit.

i think spheres would look good. Subserfed with eye dents. im not saying it would look better then Suzanne im saying it would look good. i dont know thought.