radar.distance in python is broken?

I try to use the radar sensor properties inside python, but only .axis seems to work for me.
lets say my sensor is also called ‘radar’ and i use radar.distance = 3
I get this message in the print window
attribute ‘distance’ of ‘KX_RadarSensor’ objects is not writable

I also tested the radar.angle and i didn’t get an error message but still it doesn’t seem to react.

only when i setup this properties in the logic brick it works fine, i have this problem only when i access them from python (except for changing the axis which work fine in python)
I know that the radar sensor was broken in previous versions, i wonder if it’s still got problems or the function names are changed

I also have similar problems with f-curve actuator ( i can set it up only from logic bricks) and wondering if things have change, are they broken, or i just don’t write it correctly.

I think that you can’t set the radar’s distance through Python (for whatever reason). To bypass this, you can set up a simple mesh to replace the radar, and change the size through changing the mesh’s scaling property.

Workarounds is good, but bugs should be reported anyway - This sounds like a bug!