Radar motion tracker. Possible?

I am still working on my FPS with some friends and would like to know how to make a realistic motion tracker HUD.
Any ideas will earn my upmost respect becuase I have searched this topic extensivly and have found nothing of relevance.

Any one?
All I need to know is wether it is posible or not.

motion tracker hud??? :expressionless:

Yes, like the motion tracker in Halo ™
It a red dot for an enemy and a yellow dot for friends.
Even if it requires python, I am still interested.

You could try the near sensor, and get the Positional data of the dynamic objects you want to use. Then send the info, via msg, to an overlay scene. Then reposition dots to the corresponding positions.

I did sorta the same thing a while back with the orientation data for a single obj, but not multiple objects. :-?

I may still have a vaguely useful file you could look at, pm me if your interested.

oh i see i played around with this a bit before didnt explore all the ways though but have a look at these

http://members.lycos.co.uk/legeis/downloads/ MiniMapV1.zip
http://members.lycos.co.uk/legeis/downloads/ MapWithOrientation.zip

good luck :smiley:

Thankyou for the files, Siegel.
I will try them out later because I am in school now. 8)

Bummer :frowning: .
It says the zip files are corrupt

This very thing was done in a Blender game called “E-Police.”


This file is located on the CD on the Blender GameKit which I have. I wonder if I could give you the file? Or, alternatively, there was a place I saw that gave away what was on the CD. Furthermore, you can purchase the CD (and PDF book) from the eshop.

That file would be helpful.
If you could tell me were to go to get the files on the CD I would very much appreciate it. I would buy it myself but I am just a poor high school student.

%| Well it’s not that expensive…

Chances are you probably won’t be finding the files online or anyplace. :wink: technically it’s not legal to be distributing those files. Umm if you can’t shell out the money, I guess you could hunt around for .blend files and see.

Are you talking about a minimap where a dot represents the character? If that’s what you’re talking about Siegel’s script is definitely the thing you’re looking for.

Jason Lin

I would LOVE to be able to support blaender and it’s developers but I have NO cash. I know that sounds rather pathetic but that is the way it is. I would also like to stay within the law if I can but Segel’s files will not work becaus they are corrupt. I would also be willing to write my own script if I could just figure out how to move objects in python in local co-ordanates.
I am extremely dedicated to my game’s development (3 to 4 hours a day) so if I could scratch up however much it is I will.
But since that might be awhile, I am asking for help here.

The files are not corrupt!
I was working on a mac…
Thank you Segel!