Radar sensor comes and goes...

OK this turns my mind crazy,

Whats about:
I want a lazor cannon, and lazor cannons have this nice thing that the shot walks with them (this is how i want it).
I was about to do this thing in a way to not loop throu all objects in the scene and only
pick the close ones, because this sound rly inefficient. So i wanted to use the Radar, directed to look behind the object, and when there is another laser segment, it would change its position fit his follower, making a nice path.

So the problem?
The radar sensor comes and goes whenever he likes.
Gaining error about requested item doesnt exist BUT i truly have linked it.
I told python to Print cont.sensors and he said:

[always, coll]
[always, coll]
[always, coll,checker]
[always, coll]
[always, coll]
[always, coll,checker]

I have a pick of the setup of the Lbricks.
I really would love to get some help here, as this stops me from futher developing in
the lazors.

ps: i have change the order in the pick with coll and checker.

greets Equal


I dont get the idea, can you upload an example

You need to enable True pulse on the radar sensor. Otherwise it will trigger the controller only if an object enters the radar cone or leaves it.

False pulse is not necassary because that means there is no object in the radar cone.

I used a similar thing with S2A in the fighter demo.

i will have a try when i return home.

greets Equal