Radar sensor does not work...

When I add an object (with radar sensor applied to it.) trought empty, blender crashes…is there some work around this. I can not use near or ray because they are inappropriate for me. Need somethig like radar sensor.

radar sensor works for me!
Try to use in a different way?!

Yes the radar sensor works fine , until you add an object with it, trought empty in the scene. I don’t know why, but my blender release crashes. If the object with the radar sensor is in visible layer and you don’t add it trought empty…works fine, but I need to add objects with radar sensors… while the game runs. Is there any other analog to radar exept near and ray…cause ray…works only in one direction…and near eats half of the processor power…and is usless for hardcore scenes with alot of logic and polys.

I guess it is somehow related to all those add object problems, like added objects not acting as ghosts etc.