This is a bit of a long-shot but here goes.

I remember a while ago (I’m talking a few years) someone posted an example of a radar system. Ive searched the forums but was unable to locate it.

I know generally how it worked, but what was interesting was that it was made before the add view port command was added yet it managed to display the radar in the upper-right hand corner. (I’m having a lot of problems getting the view port command to display my radar where I want it).

So my first question is does anyone have this example file (or one similar) that they could point me to.

Second is, in case no one has the file, does anyone know what I’m taking about and how I could achieve it from scratch?

Wasn’t that the minimap?
As far as I remember it is an overlay scene with a “looking down” camera.

I hope it helps

in my game (cf Eternal Odyssey Post) I’m using an Overlay scene.
With a small picture from top vue of the game. and a allways sensor to a script which copy location of the main caractere to a small shape (perso position).
For that i use a ratio like :
RadarPerso.setPositition() = Perso.getPosition() / 50

ahh! /50 - thats how it was done. Thanks for the quick replies guys.

/ 50 is an example, it’s just because radar map scale in / 50 the scale of the real wordl.

Well, I remember there was one which had the radar in the same scene as the game. I don’t remember how it worked but there’s really no point since an overlay radar is so easy.

here there’s my test for radar map.

blenderage,As far as I know it was POCHO that did the mini map/Radar.

Here is the Link


diffrent camera?

I think we can render 2 cameras at one time now