Is radar an expensive thing to use in terms of CPU usage? It works fine on a character until I dupligroup it 10 times and the whole thing chugs down.


Radar, Ray, Near… they’re all more CPU intensive than, say, Always or Keyboard. More calculations to do.


Check this out… The characters move fine if I use any other bounds except BOX. I would have thought BOX was the most efficient. I was hoping to use it so the characters wouldn’t fall on their faces when jumping away.


ah ha I figured something out grasssyeyyanoel (can’t spell u rname without cheating)

u set ur mesh to static ghost, when really u should use no collision

my physics went from 10% for ONE box bound dot, to less than .5%

When I joined I typed in my name wrong. I wanted GrassyNoel now I have to look it up every time I log in :slight_smile:
Setting the mesh to no collision works a treat. many thanks for the pointer.