RADarr : Radial Array made super easy! + [ Mesh level feature is IN, update your repo ]

(Arindam) #41

Apply scale [ALT + A] to your object (before you invoke RADarr), it would be fine. :slight_smile:


Yo! I’ve grabbed free version of your plug on gumroad… got some extra cash now but i can’t purchase the advanced version. Tried 2 times already. Gumroad -even when selecting the advanced- adds the basic version with message ‘You already have that’. No idea what’s going on.

(DanielSP) #43

had the same, its mentioned above. None of the solutions worked for me, so i made a new gumroad account to get it


Problem is it recognises my Visa card & email. And then automaticaly redirects me to my account. Very strange. Haven’t got any problems like that before.

(Arindam) #45

I am sorry to say, it’s like an issue (kind of a bug) on Gumroad’s part. I have had some customers asking me about this very same problem (who tried out the Basic and now wanted to have the Advanced version).

I reached out to the Gumroad Support team regarding this very same thing couple of times, and each time I received almost similar “workaround” solutions.

This is my first time on Gumroad, hence I didn’t know about this existing issue. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have made it a tiered (variants) product launch. However, I am thinking of decoupling it into two seperate product pages, in best possible way (i.e. without affecting the existing customer’s experience in procuring the latest and updated version in future). I am also looking forward to publish RADarr on other multiple marketplaces.

And yes, if you wish… I would earnestly request you to beseech their support team once, you as a buyer. Maybe, if this is get heard by them often times… they might eventually fix it.


After i’ve posted i noticed people already reporting it. Don’t worry - i’m still interested & you have my support. I was trying ‘the workaround’ solutions with no effect. I’ll try next month - i’d give guys at Gumroad some time to fix the bug.

Thanks for the plug BTW! Good job… well, at least on basic version :wink:

(Arindam) #47

@Pelax Thank you. If you liked the Basic one so much, I hope you are absolutely going to love the Advanced version many times over. Thank you once again for your kind words. :slight_smile:

Hi all,

Just to give you a little insight to what I am doing in last few days on this particular project, let me tell you that I am very exicted to bring the mesh level functionalities and features pretty soon (maybe within this week or so).

In one particular feature, I need to remove a portion of the unwanted geometrical mesh (after fusing different instances of RADarr). For this I would need a 2D plane in a 3-dimensional space. So, I collected a data-set of the coordinates of this 2D plane at different Count intervals. I have had to refine these data a lot to make it more meaningful upon few iterations.

If you are statistician or a data scientist or just love to play with a data-set, let me know what interesting pattern(s) do you see (other than what I am sharing it right here).

Okay, I don’t have a huge chunk of data to start with… but I wanted to try some polynomial regressions to make some sense out of it. You may make use of Machine Learning approach to get to a certain conclusion. Here is an interesting article and quick-start guide to get your feet wet on this technology.

So for regression, I plotted a graph c vs x₁ (i.e. just the first two columns from the above table).

I found that if I seperate out the even number of counts [c, along the x-axis] from the odd numbers, I can get a pair of exponential expressions. And making a special case for the count # 2.

Voila, my recipe is very much ready now! I just need to cook it [the py-code] for a while and finally garnish it with a best possible UX. :smile:

(Arindam) #48

Hey @parel, it’s coming along pretty nice.

This feature works both in Object and Edit mode with an added functionality of removing the unwanted (or excess overlapping) geometrical mesh. The way I approached to solve this particular scenario, I have kind of briefed in my earlier post yesterday. If interested, please have a look.

(masterxeon1001) #49

this tool is getting farther and farther. I applaud your work.

(parel) #50

Great feature Arindam- that is excellent!!

(murderzmedia) #51

Could have maybe mentioned its 2.8 only, just bought it then realised it won’t work on 2.79 :confused:

(Arindam) #52

Oh, initially I have had a plan to make it work for 2.79b as well, and specifically if there is enough demand. However, with 2.80 beta getting pretty close to a stable release now (with so many new features that is not there in 2.79.x) and no one asked me to make portable version for 2.79, I dropped the plan altogether.

Right now I am kind of very much occupied with lot of miscellaneous things, and also preparing a (new) feature-release of this tool soon, I can get back to make a version for 2.79 only after few days.

You may ask for a refund, if you do not wish to wait for a week (at max). Just PM me your full name and email id, I will issue it at the earliest. :slight_smile:

(murderzmedia) #53

Nono even if you wasn’t going to do a 2.79 version I would never ask for a refund, its nice to support developers. But thank you for committing to making it for 2.79, at the moment 2.8 isn’t suitable in a production environment which is why I still use 2.79.

Thanks :wink:

(Arindam) #54

I have just updated the latest version of RADarr with the much awaited mesh level ops (and few other fixes). Update your local repositories from your same respective library accounts.

@Pelax and whomever have chosen the Basic version first and now want to procure the Advanced version as well; also happens to keep all their purchases within same Gumroad acount/library, please get it here.

Updated demos and detailed documentation will soon follow.

Thanks once again for all your continued support. :slight_smile:

(Dheim) #55

Would it be possible in the future to have the zip files also have the version number on them? So instead of “radial_array.zip” it would be “radial_array_004.zip”? Gumroad doesn’t indicate that you updated today (it says the last time was a month ago) but when I downloaded the zip file again it had the updated version number in the .py

(Arindam) #56

That’s a nice idea, thank you. And it’s done!