radars and messages problem

Why does not my message sensors when triggered by my radars stop transmitting when the property is not detected?V and x to control triangular character.

Without any details you file is confusing.

I guess you need to print the hitObject to console to see what the sensors find.

All this game does is add the terrain in direction of travel and align it with the existing terrain.I made the logic bricks seeable at the bottom.Now do you understand what it is? http://www.pasteall.org/blend/22386

Never mind i will use a near sensor that is set to positive that detects the property nom connected to a nand controller which is connected to a state actuator which switch states to state 2.Which is conected to a add object actuator.Then i will add another near sensor that detects the property sesh connected to a and controller which is connected to a state actuator set to state one.