Radeon 7 with Cycles GPU - Crashes

Hey guys,

I have a AMD Radeon 7 card and having a hard time getting it to work without crashing in Cycles GPU mode. Anyone know if there something I need to do? I have the latest drivers and I tried the latest nightly build too for both 2.79 and 2.8. Thanks.

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Hey I also have the Radeon 7 which I got specially for Blender and was thinking of getting a second one, but it crashes in cycles gpu as well in 2.8. It happens with just the default cube. GPU compute works in 2.79 but I been working 2.8 fluently now. Not sure if its a Blender or AMD issue.

I couldn’t get it work in either, but I’m on the latest drivers, I think I got it working with an earlier driver, but was unstable.

Yea I knew it work before when I ran test…do you mean the earlier graphic card driver? or an earlier 2.8 beta? This is the whole purpose of having the 16gb vram