Radeon ProRender, a FREE !!! Powerful Physically-based Rendering Engine from AMD !

So now we have Cycles [Old Friend…powerful…enduring…with the new noise reduction system…production ready !]
[But the creator of Cycles have been taken away to work on Arnold [please fact check if I am wrong] so what’s the future for it ?]

Corona [REALLY GOOD, THE BEST ! But will not be free when it’s time.]

And now ProRender from AMD ?

Anyone used Prorender before ?

You have thread about it …

I’ve used it for a couple of months now and it works really great. Consider it an alternative to Cycles (new/different nodes, it’s own material library, etc.)… not a replacement… an alternative. It’s still in development so some features aren’t complete but it looks really promising and it renders really nicely.

You used for a couple of months in production ?
When I saw that it has a built in material library that consist of big thumbnails, it’s like one of those things you don’t know you NEED IT until you see it, I got wet seeing that.

And in viewport rendering WHEN moving the meshes around, it’s everything that Blender 2.8 is going to be…except AMD with their MILLIONS did it first and giving it away for free…and STILL being updated…wow.

The question is should I integrate it into my production…have you ever have to switch renderer during production and having to match the look ?

I have to do that twice…Should I wait for EEVEE…or This…one is REAL TIME MAGIC ! The other is physically correct that ultilizes ALL CUDA/AMD/CPU together !!! They are both amazing !!!

Really? Cycles does everything you mention, and did it all way before Pro-render. (except for GPU+CPU together, that was added some time ago though)

This tread could be closed as there is already a tread about this;

Why so vindictive ?
From this perspective, everything can be closed too since everything that has been talked about has probably already been talked about under the sun.

Why not close ALL the forums too since there are probably multiple topics of the same thing in multiple forums, hell even forums share similar theme !

I don’t understand why the minute a thread was posted that it would surmise such a vindictive, almost predatory desire to close this discussion, that old thread you linked contains discussions that was from quite sometime ago and feature have changed since and hence opinions have changed.

Should a thread about Blender 2.8 be closed just because there was a thread about Blender from Blender version 1 and we should “continue from there” ?

I am pretty new to this forum and the vindictiveness is really making me twitch.

PS: I just realized there is an “Ignore Profile” feature in the forum, this is going to make life easier.

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They are just trying to declutter the forum. Nothing personal.

Usually, duplicate threads are closed when there is a larger one known to have been active in recent months.

The later discussion (in that thread) is still recent enough to not be considered fully dead. Now if an equivalent thread has been inactive for a year or more, then it’s perfectly fine to start a new one with up-to-date discussion and info.

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yes and if it was read, one would know where to have a debate

Well I mean Pro Render is pretty broken and slow, Brecht still works on Cycles every day. All aspects of this post are poo/lies

Obviously corona is the goodest the bestest the most amazing everz so just learn maya and use that lol

Should deffo close this post lol

By broken you mean cannot get it to install and crashes c4d upon shader compilation. then yeah.

I can’t even get it to run.

I’d suggest moving to the main thread here: https://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?412080-AMD-s-(ProRender)-Plugin-for-Blender-Previewed

There’s some really cool updates coming soon for ProRender. The speed is there, and our support for OSX is better than what cycles is now. Come chat with us if you’re interested in checking out beta builds for OSX.

I am going to take over the fact checking part. Brecht, the creator of Cycles has indeed left to work on Arnold. Meanwhile he is not anymore working for them and is spending time to work on Cycles again. That’s why he is also mentioned to participate in the code quest: https://www.blender.org/2-8/quest/

Regarding the future, there is not just one person working on Cycles. If you have a look at the Blender conference videos, you are finding more than one developer talking about improvements being made for Cycles. If you dig a little deeper, you find out that even more people are regularly working on Cycles and are contributing significantly. The development has not stagnated at all, it is ongoing and getting better with every release. Questioning whether it has a future doesn’t make any sense at this point.

One last thing and then we should move to the other forum:

If you are starting a production cycle then go with what you know and are most confident in – then when things die down you can experiment more. That being said, I would have no problem using ProRender in production. I like some of the things that it does and am looking forward to more from the ProRender team.

To help everyone move discussion to the other thread, I’ll go ahead and close this one.