Radeon prorender

I installed Radeon prorender on my computer. I have blender 2.82, I have an AMD ryzen 7 1800x with a rx 580 and a 1050 ti. After that, I was no longer able to open blender. Uninstalling Radeon Prorender did not work. Finally I had to go into my users folder and remove the addon manually. Not good. Blender is back to being able to open without crashing all the time. It’s an addon why not have it install in my blender folder like all normal addons?

It is a standalone program (not 100% open source)
which is called by an addon (100% open souce). AMD does not want to reveal everything. With LuxCoreRender the whole renderer is in the addon directory and also open source.

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I tried copying the addon to the addon folder in the blender folder, and it does the same thing. Blender refuses to open due to some error caused by the addon.